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Calling All Utah County Parents: Free Training Session For Young Kids


Gain and advantage by getting faster Stronger and jumping higher!

Grab your spot for a Free Tip Top Athlete training session now!

Here’s what the program includes:

An expertly designed program to help young kids enhance, speed, agility, and strength

A community of other kids in the same age group supporting one another

Measured and trackable progress

Fun and immersive environment where your kids can laugh, play, and grow stronger

Designed to help your child’s confidence soar as they conquer new challenges

So…If you’ve ever experienced your living room turning into a wrestling ring or playground, this is probably your sign…


We’re offering a FREE training session


Click the link below to claim your free session in our Utah County facility!

Testimonials from the Parents:

More Testimonials:

"Coach Nate and Tip Top played a pivotal role in achieving my dream of playing college football. His dedication and unwavering belief in my potential pushed me beyond my limits. With his guidance, I not only improved my skills but also developed resilience and determination.

Grateful for Coach Nate who saw my potential and pushed me to fulfill my goals on and off the field."

- Jake East

"Any athlete looking to up their performance or make it to the next level, Tip Top is the place to be. I absolutely love training with Nate and Ben. The coaches really care and cater to each athletes needs to reach their highest potential. Since going to Tip Top I have been able to PR in the weight room, set school records on fitness tests, and up my game on the soccer field. I’m beyond prepared going into each college season because of the time I spend at Tip Top."

- Sidney Robert’s D 1 Women’s Soccer Player

"I began training at Tip Top Athletics the summer going into my second season at Utah State. I had never previously experienced any footwork drills like the ones Nate put us through and I quickly saw improvements when I was playing soccer and in the weight room. The lifts we do are efficient and are specifically tailored for athletes. Not only did I see huge changes in my game from Tip Top, but it also helped me gain so much confidence in my sport. Tip Top athletics is something I wish had known about through my entire athletic ts to see great improvements in their sport! I have been really lucky to work with Ben training the Tip Top Tykes. It has been amazing to see the growth of the kids that come and train here. I have not only seen the kids improve their running form and athleticism, but also gain confidence and make new friends. Ben is great with the kids and has a lot of experience and makes it a super fun and enjoyable environment for them to train in!"

- Kaitlyn Richins
D1 Soccer Player

"Since a young age working with Coach Nate has been a game-changer for my athletic journey. His personalized approach, extensive knowledge, and unwavering support have not only improved my performance but also transformed my mindset towards sports. I highly recommend Coach Nate for anyone looking to reach their athletic goals with a dedicated and expert guide. Coach Nate has been a transformative experience for me and for our team. His unparalleled dedication, strategic insight, and ability to inspire players have elevated my performance to new heights, Coach Nate's visionary leadership and commitment to fostering an inclusive, collaborative culture have sparked a positive shift in me and our team. I am grateful for the invaluable lessons he imparts both as a coach and mentor."

- Davian Munoz

"Tip top athlete was instrumental in my development to become a D1 athlete. It gave me a huge competitive advantage among my peers and prepared me for the college level. Nate is one of the best trainers around because of his attention to detail and organized approach. This keeps his athletes safe and springboards their progress.  If you approach tip top with an intent to put the work in and ask questions you will become a much more elite athlete than you were before."

- Dallin Hall BYU Basketball Player

At Tip Top Athlete, our mission is to elevate young athletes to the peak of their potential. But we can't do it alone. Our team of dedicated coaches and partners play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of sports stars. If you're passionate about youth development, have the expertise in sports training, and share our vision of holistic athletic growth, we'd love to hear from you!

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