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Tip Top Athlete Youth Tournaments | Utah


Join us in the thrilling world of 7-on-7 football, where passion meets competition, and where you can take your skills to the next level while forging lasting memories.

Unleash Your Football Skills: Join Our 7-on-7 Tournaments:

Welcome to the world of 7-on-7 football tournaments, where speed, agility, and teamwork take center stage! If you're a football enthusiast looking to elevate your game or a team eager to showcase your skills, our 7-on-7 tournaments are the perfect platform for you. In this article, we'll delve into the exciting realm of 7-on-7 football, its numerous benefits, and how your team can sign up to compete in our thrilling tournaments.

What is 7-on-7 Football?

7-on-7 football, also known as "touch" or "passing league" football, is a fast-paced and non-contact version of the traditional 11-on-11 American football game. This modified format focuses exclusively on passing and catching, eliminating tackling and linemen. Each team consists of seven players on the field at once—typically a quarterback, five receivers, and a center.

Benefits of Competing in 7-on-7 Tournaments:

  • Skill Development: 7-on-7 tournaments are an excellent way to enhance your football skills, especially passing, receiving, and route-running. Players have more opportunities to work on their technique and improve their overall game.


  • Speed and Agility: With no linemen or tackling, the game relies heavily on speed, agility, and precise movements. Competing in these tournaments can significantly increase a player's speed and agility.


  • Teamwork: Building chemistry with your teammates is crucial in 7-on-7 football. It teaches players to communicate effectively, develop trust, and work as a cohesive unit, which can translate to success on the traditional 11-on-11 field.


  • Year-Round Football: 7-on-7 tournaments offer a chance to stay engaged with football throughout the year. They are often held in the offseason, allowing players to continue developing their skills and maintaining their competitive edge.


  • Recruitment Opportunities: For high school athletes looking to play college football, 7-on-7 tournaments provide a stage to showcase their talents. College scouts frequently attend these events to identify potential recruits.


  • Fun and Excitement: The fast-paced nature of 7-on-7 football makes it an incredibly exciting and enjoyable sport. It's a fantastic way to stay active and have fun with friends and teammates.


How to Sign Up for Our Tournaments:

1. Complete Registration: Fill out the online registration form with your team's details, including team name, contact information, and preferred tournament date(s).

2. Pay Registration Fee: Pay the required registration fee online to secure your team's spot in the tournament.

3. Prepare Your Team: As the tournament date approaches, ensure your team is well-prepared with the necessary equipment, uniforms, and a clear understanding of the tournament rules.

4. Compete and Enjoy: Show up on tournament day, ready to compete and have a great time on the field!

Whether you're a seasoned team or new to the game, our tournaments offer a dynamic and rewarding experience for everyone. Get ready to unleash your football prowess and be part of the action!

Don't miss out on the excitement—follow the remaining steps to sign up for our upcoming 7-on-7 tournaments today!

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