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FAQ's Tip Top Athlete | Youth Athletic Training Utah


Answers at Your Fingertips: Navigating Your Common Queries

  • What age groups does Tip Top Athlete train?
    We provide sports performance training for youth ranging from 3 to 22 years old. We offer programs tailored to different age groups to ensure appropriate skill development and training methods.
  • What services does Tip Top Athlete offer?
    We offer a variety of services to enhance sports performance, including eight training sessions, sports skills training, and participation in our 7 on 7 League and football tournaments. Our programs are designed to improve agility, strength, speed, and overall athletic ability.
  • When is Tip Top Athlete open?
    During the summer, our facility is open from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday. In the school year, we operate from 3 pm to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday.
  • What is the duration of the Tip Top Athlete 7 on 7 season?
    Our 7 on 7 season begins in December and runs through June. It provides an exciting opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills and compete in a team-based format.
  • How can I register for training for Tip Top Athlete's 7 on 7 League?
    To register for training sessions or the 7 on 7 League, please visit our website at [] and navigate to the registration page. Fill out the required information, and our team will guide you through the registration process.
  • Does Tip Top Athlete offer any discounts or scholarships?
    We understand the importance of accessibility and offer various discounts and scholarships. Please contact our customer support or visit our facility for more information about eligibility and application procedures.
  • Are Tip Top Athlete trainers experienced and qualified?
    Yes, our trainers are highly experienced and qualified professionals in the field of sports performance training. They possess extensive knowledge and expertise to guide athletes at every level, ensuring their growth and development.
  • Can I schedule a trial session?
    Yes, we encourage athletes to schedule a trial session to experience our training programs firsthand. Please contact our customer support to arrange a trial session that suits your availability.
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