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Youth Speed Training | Tip Top Athlete Utah


Elevate your athletic capabilities with the Speed Training Class at Tip Top Athlete Gym. Unleash your speed potential and gain a competitive edge in your sport. Are you ready to sprint towards success?

Join our dynamic and results-driven speed training class at Tip Top Athlete Gym! Designed to enhance your speed, agility, and overall athletic performance, this class is perfect for individuals looking to excel in various sports and activities. Led by experienced coaches, our Speed Training Class will help you reach your performance goals and unlock your full athletic potential.

Tip Top Speed Training Program:


Class Overview:

  •   An intensive training program focused on improving speed, agility, and explosiveness.

  •   Suitable for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite performers.

  •   Incorporates a variety of drills, exercises, and techniques to target different aspects of speed.


Expert Coaching:

  •   Led by certified coaches with a proven track record in enhancing athletic performance.

  •   Coaches bring a wealth of experience from diverse sports backgrounds.

  •   Personalized attention and guidance to ensure participants perform exercises with proper form.


Key Benefits:

  •   Boost acceleration and sprinting speed.

  •   Enhance lateral quickness and change of direction.

  •   Develop explosive power for improved performance in various sports.


Dynamic Warm-up:

  •   Each session begins with a dynamic warm-up to prepare muscles and joints for training.

  •   Warm-up includes mobility exercises, light cardio, and activation drills.


Speed Drills and Techniques:

  •   Varied set of speed-focused drills to target different muscle groups and movement patterns.

  •   Sprint intervals, ladder drills, cone drills, and more to challenge and improve speed.


Agility and Quickness Training:

  •   Agility ladder exercises to improve footwork and coordination.

  •   Reaction drills to enhance responsiveness and decision-making on the field.


Plyometrics and Explosive Exercises:

  •   Plyometric exercises to build explosive power and increase stride length.

  •   Box jumps, depth jumps, and bounding exercises for greater athleticism.


Strength and Conditioning Component:

  •   Incorporates strength training exercises that complement speed development.

  •   Bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and light weights to build functional strength.


Cool Down and Flexibility:

  •   Gentle cool-down routine to lower heart rate and prevent muscle tightness.

  •   Static stretches for improved flexibility and recovery.


Progress Tracking:

  •   Regular assessments to track improvements in speed, agility, and overall performance.

  •   Coaches provide feedback and adjustments based on individual progress.


Community and Motivation:

  •   Train alongside a motivated group of individuals who share your passion for sports and performance.

  •   Positive and encouraging environment to push your limits and achieve new milestones.


For class schedules and registration, Click the sign-up link or contact us directly. Let's make every stride count!

Interested in join the Tip Top Coaching Team?

At Tip Top Athlete, our mission is to elevate young athletes to the peak of their potential. But we can't do it alone. Our team of dedicated coaches and partners play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of sports stars. If you're passionate about youth development, have the expertise in sports training, and share our vision of holistic athletic growth, we'd love to hear from you!

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