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Tip Top Athletes | Ages 13+ Sports Training Utah


Our Tip Top Athlete Program is a transformative journey towards unlocking your full athletic potential for ages 13+. Join us as we nurture champions who thrive in their sports and beyond.

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Tip Top Athlete Training Program:

Tailored for athletes aged 13 and above, our program is expertly designed and supervised by certified college-level strength and conditioning coaches, including a coach with a proven track record of training thousands of athletes. Embrace a comprehensive training approach encompassing weight training, speed and agility drills, functional exercises, and injury prevention protocols. Experience performance enhancements with noticeable improvements in reaction time, enhanced speed, and overall strength gains. Our diverse athlete range welcomes individuals at all levels, from beginners to those on a college-bound trajectory. With an exceptional coaching team featuring former NFL players, professional MMA fighters, and collegiate sports experts, Tip Top Athlete has a proven record of success, cultivating winning mindsets both on and off the field. Join us and unlock your full athletic potential!

Program Overview:

  •   Tailored for athletes aged 13+

  •   Expertly designed and supervised by a certified college-level strength and conditioning coach

  •   Coach with a track record of training thousands of athletes

  •   Weight training to build strength

  •   Speed and agility drills for quickness

  •   Functional strength exercises for well-rounded athleticism

  •   Injury prevention protocols for sustained performance

  •   Movement and skills development for technical proficiency

  •   Trainers with unique backgrounds and perspectives

  •   Former NFL player and professional MMA fighter

  •   College football player expertise

  •   Collegiate volleyball and soccer players' insights

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